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Hub City Payments, LLC

We save businesses money on credit card processing. Guaranteed!

About Payment Processing Services
Why Choose Us

We can save your business money, but you want the facts: plain and simple.

Maybe you don't want to change your current setup...
Maybe you think you're already getting a great rate...
Maybe you're not set up for credit card payments...

That's why we've made it super simple to get started with us.

No contract

  • One free terminal, next day funding
  • Compliant cash discounts
  • Surcharge program
  • Multiple PoS integrations
  • Fast approval and local support
  • Best rate guarantee

We specialize in helping businesses set up affordable credit card processing for the first time. Our guarantee: If we cant beat your current rate we'll pay you $100 no questions asked!

Image of what business merchant services in Hattiesburg MS can do for your small business.

Save Money on Merchant Services
Our surcharge system is perfect for businesses where cash discounts work best!

We developed the surcharge program to empower businesses to pass the credit card processing fee onto their customers, eliminating the expense of credit card payments and improving your bottom line.

Over the years, we've found this program works best for industries with established cash discounts.

  • Auto repair, service, and towing
  • Bars, clubs, liquor stores
  • Convenience stores and pawn shops
  • Contractors, electricians, and HVAC technicians
  • Fire arm sales
  • Restaurants and quick service food
  • Urgent and 24-hour repair businesses
  • Most retail card-present businesses

Don't worry if you're not currently taking credit payments, we can initialize the system for your business!

Business merchant services in Hattiesburg MS.
Save money on Jackson-based Payment processing services
Our clients rave about credit card processing with Hub City Payments

We love helping clients save money! We work across industries with new and established businesses to help them improve their bottom line with our innovative credit card processing system.

9ae9 kait loggins

I was really impressed with the way Hub City Payments, LLC handled everything. From the first conversation to everything in between, they were very helpful and knowledgable.

Brandon Vega
Operations Lead, General Entropy
a4ab warren wong

Hub City Payments, LLC was the missing piece to my puzzle. From start to finish, they solved every problem and helped us achieve our goals in the most professional way possible.

Chris Wei
Founder and CEO, Fair Market Barn
a4ab eye for ebony

Using Hub City Payments, LLC helped me save weeks of work. Their delightful level of quality and service is consistent and one of a kind. I can't recommend Hub City Payments, LLC enough.

Karen Weiss
Technical Director, Business Associates LLC

Get money-saving credit payment processing in Mississippi
Improve your bottom line
with Hub City Payments!